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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kana de Manga

Kana de Manga makes learning hiragana and katakana easy and fun for students who already enjoy Japanese comics ^^

Từ điển 305 Kanji


All About Particles

All About Particles: A Handbook of Japanese Function Words
Publisher: Kodansha International (September 21, 2001)
Language: English


6000 Chinese Characters

6000 Chinese Characters With Japanese Pronunciation & Japanese And English Renderings

Authors: J. Ira Jones, A.B. H. V. S. Peeke, D.D.
Publisher: Kyo Bun Kwan, Tokyo
Year: 1915
Pages: 258
Format: PDF
Size: 17.5 MB


Oxford Japanese Grammar & Verbs

Oxford Japanese Grammar and Verbs

Author: Jonathan Bunt
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Date: August 15, 2002
Language: English

This brand-new grammar provides clear and simple explanations of today's written and spoken Japanese. Comprehensive and easy to use, with coverage of all the key points of Japanese grammar, it is the ideal reference tool for beginner and intermediate students, whether at school, college, or learning on their own. Thousands of examples in an instantly accessible layout show how the language works. The verb tables are clear and easy-to-use and all grammatical terms are explained in a glossary

download (pdf =41,136 KB): 4Shared | MF

24 quy tắc học Kanji

日本語の漢字を学ぶ 24の法則

Vol 1: MF
Vol 2: MF

Basic Kanji Book

Basic Kanji Book Vol 1 & 2

Vol 1: MF
Vol 2: MF

500 Essential Japanese Expressions

500 Essential Japanese Expressions - A Guide To Correct Usage Of Key Sentence Patterns
どんな時どう使う 日本語表現文型500―日本語能力試験1・2級対応


Shiken ni deru 1-2kyuu bunpou, 40 days kanzen

日本語能力試験 1級・2級 試験に出る文法と表現 40日完成



Rapid Reading Japanese

中・上級者のための 速読の日本語
Rapid Reading Japanese: Improving Reading Skills of Intermediate and Advanced Students

(Djvu, 190pages)


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kanji de Manga

Kanji de Manga, volume 1 & 2

The Comic Book That Teaches You How To Read And Write Japanese! (Manga University Presents)